Financed Surgery Procedures

This section provides more details about which cosmetic surgery procedures we finance
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Financed Surgery Procedures

This section provides more details about which cosmetic surgery procedures we finance

Cosmetic Surgery Loans Procedures

If you do not see your desired procedure on this page, we encourage you to take a moment and contact us. We reguarly add financing programs and yours may simply not yet be on the website.
Arm Lift
APPLY Arm lift procedures involve reducing and/or removing excessive loose upper arm skin. This is often performed after weight loss.
More: Explanation of Arm Lift
Botox Injection
APPLY Refers to a popular non-surgical injection that temporarily reduces or eliminates frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet near the eyes and thick areas in the neck.
More: What are Botox Injections?
Breast Enlargement
APPLY Breast enlargement surgery involves using implants to enlarge and enhance the appearance of your breasts.
More: What is breast augmentation?
Breast Implant Revision
APPLY Breast implant revision refers to having your previous breast enhancement procedure revisited for the sake of additional improvement or adjustment.
Breast Lift
APPLY Also called mastopexy, a breast lift enhances the appearance of breasts by removing excess skin and tightening some surrounding tissue to reshape and support the breast contour.
Breast Reconstruction
APPLY Breast reconstruction is performed to restore a breast's shape, size, and overall appearance. This procedure is often utilized following mastectomy.
Breast Reduction
APPLY Breast reduction procedures are performed to remove excess fat, tissue, and skin in order to achieve a smaller breast size for the sake of visual proportion and/or alleviating back pain.
More: What is Breast Reduction?
Brow/Forehead Lift
APPLY A brow or forhead lift can correct creases across the forehead, eliminate frown lines, and raise the eyebrows.
Butt Lift / Brazilian Butt Lift
APPLY A butt lift surgery, also known as a "gluteoplasty", is a procedure which tightens and raises the overall appearance of the patient's buttocks.
More: What is a butt lift?
Calf Implants
APPLY Calf implants are used to create cosmetic fullness in the lower leg. This procedure is used for lower leg sculpting and can also help correct some muscle imbalance.
Cellulite Treatment
APPLY Cellulite treatment refers to a variety of techniques and procedures which are available for the purpose of reducing or eliminating the appearance of cellulite on legs, buttocks, and other areas.
More: What is Cellulite Treatment?
Cheek/Chin Implants
APPLY Facial implants such as cheek and chin implants can change the contours of your face in order to improve shape, proportion, and profile.
More: Cheek Implant Information?
Cosmetic Dentistry
APPLY Cosmetic dentistry is used to enhance the appearance of teeth by utilizing one or more common methods. Some of these methods include laser tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, and tooth implants.
Ear/Earlobe Surgery
APPLY Earlobe surgery is performed to repair and reshape skin and/or cartilage of the ear in order to enhance appearance and/or reduce imperfections which may have been caused by earlobe damage or aging.
Eyelid Surgery
APPLY Also called blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can correct sagging and loose skin, fatty deposits, bags under eyes, droopiness, and fine wrinkles.
APPLY Also called rhytidectomy, a facelift can correct loose or sagging skin, creases, displaced fat, unsightly jowls, and fatty deposits.
More: What is a Face Lift?
Fertility Treatment
APPLY Fertility treatment refers to methods used by men and women who are having difficulty getting pregnant. Treatment options may involve fertility drugs, artificial insemination, surgery, or other methods.
Fix Breast Asymmetry
APPLY Breast asymmetry refers to the size of your breasts in comparison to one another. One or more of the common procedures associated with the breasts may be performed in order to make the breasts more similar in appearance.
Gastric Bypass
APPLY Gastric bypass is a term which refers to several procedures and treatments which are used to treat obesity. With these procedures, the stomach is adjusted to create a smaller volume of space with which to collect food.
More: What is a Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Hair Restoration
APPLY Hair restoration can involve a variety of procedures and treatments, including hair follicle transplants.
More: Information on Hair Restoration
Injectable Fillers
APPLY Injectable fillers are used to restore facial contours, and reduce creases and wrinkles in the skin. It can also be used to create fuller lips and improve the appearance of scars.
Laser Hair Removal
APPLY This type of hair removal involves permanently destroying hair follicles by use of intense pulsed light or lasers.
More: Laser Hair Removal Info
Laser Skin Resurface
APPLY Skin resurfacing techniques are used to enhance the surface and appearance of your skin, reduce the fine lines and surface irregularities, and repair sun damage. It can also be used to improve the appearance of scars.
Lip Augmentation
APPLY Lip augmentation is performed to create lips which are more full and/or plump, and to reduce wrinkles around the mouth. Techiques for lip augmentation vary, and may include injections or surgery.
APPLY Liposuction involves using suction to remove excess fat in order to slim and reshape specific areas of the body.
More: What is a Liposuction?
Male Breast Reduction
APPLY By surgically removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin, the appearance of enlarged breasts in men, referred to as gynecomastia, can be eliminated.
Mommy Makeover
APPLY After pregnancy, some women have difficulty getting their bodies back to their pre-baby shape. A "mommy makeover" generally refers to any combination of breast, tummy, thigh, and arm procedures that shape, lift, and/or remove excess fat.
Neck Liposuction
APPLY Liposuction involves using suction to remove excess fat in order to slim and reshape specific areas of the body.
Nose Surgery
APPLY Also called rhinoplasty, a nose job can change or correct nose size, nose profile, nasal tips, nostril asymmetry, and even breathing difficulties.
More: Nose Job Information
Pectoral Implants
APPLY Pectoral implants are used to enhance the appearance, size, and muscular definition of the pectoral muscles in men.
Spider Vein Treatment
APPLY Also called sclerotherapy, spider veins and surface vessels commonly found on the legs or face can be removed or eliminated to enhance the appearance of skin.
More: What is spider vein treatment??
Tattoo Removal
APPLY Tattoo removal involves altering the skin in some way in order to make a tattoo less noticeable. There are several methods of tattoo removal, including laser treatment, abrasion therapy, or surgery.
More: Tattoo Removal Information
Thigh/Buttocks Lift
APPLY Thigh lifts and buttocks lifts are performed to tighten and reshape skin and muscles which have become loose and/or separated in order to ehnace the appearance of these areas.
More: What is a Butt Lift?
Tummy Tuck
APPLY Also called abdominoplasty, excess fat and skin are removed and tightening of the abdominal wall is performed, to create a tighter, flatter stomach.
More: What is a Tummy Tuck?
Vision Correction
APPLY Vision correction includes several popular procedures, Lasik being one of the most popular, which are performed to permanently enhance a person's eyesight.
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